West Maui Sunset


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“I have always loved art and music. My father was both a musician and artist and he showed me the joy of having a creative spirit. I began painting plein air and selling my work in the 1980’s. I studied as I painted and I was drawn by the work of the impressionists.

I studied VanGogh by traveling to view his work in museums in Holland and France. People often say they see that influence when the view my work. I love the nontraditional use of color. I often paint straight from the tube using a palette knife, as did he.

Today I understand that my artwork is an intimate reflection of my life’s journey. Each piece of art marks a moment in time along my path. It is very personal. I love making that special connection with people when they enjoy a specific piece of my art.”

Kirk Boes was born in Newport Beach, California. His family moved to Lahaina in 1973. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he studied music and art. He married his true love, Laura, in 1986.


Oil on wood panel
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