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We Make Art Happen!

While a separate charitable corporation, the Lahaina Arts Guild is a “sister” organization to the Lahaina Arts Society. From the sale of its local art, the Lahaina Arts Society donates to the Lahaina Arts Guild, which provides Maui County children and veterans access to the creative arts through education and artistic opportunities.

The Lahaina Arts Guild is a State of Hawai’i 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization created by a group of artists and art supporters in 2018 to fill a community need for art classes and scholarships for underserved groups in the community. Classes began at our Banyan Tree Gallery in the historic Old Lahaina Courthouse in the 1970’s and the Lahaina Arts Guild continues this tradition today.

Post pandemic, we are resuming free weekly children's art classes at a variety of sites around Maui County, and partial scholarships will be awarded to high school students each year. We begin with classes at Maui low-income complexes and at King Kamehameha III Elementary School in Lahaina.
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The Lahaina Arts Guild and it's We Make Art Happen program, in partnership with Maui United Way, bring free art education, cultural experiences, supplies and safe venues to our communities. We are currently teaching free children's art classes at low-income housing complexes, and classes are taught at public schools and other venues. We work closely with local foundations, and we collaborate with local community schools, churches, law firms and insurance companies, all with the objective of educating and enhancing the lives of our local children.

Lahaina Arts Society

It used to be that only disadvantaged youth had trouble accessing creative arts through education, but now most schools have eliminated the creative arts altogether. The Lahaina Arts Guild fulfills this critical need. Why? Because art opens the door for children to a wide range of disciplines, it builds character, and it inspires creativity in a host of other fields.

Lahaina Arts Society

During a successful thirty year history of offering art programs, the Lahaina Arts Guild and Lahaina Arts Society have provided engaging and safe educational art classes that encourage positive self-expression that might otherwise be exhibited through destructive behavior. Per the National Endowment for the Arts, art "has a measurable impact on youth at risk in deterring delinquent behavior and truancy problems while also increasing overall academic performance." We believe that art instruction and exposure is essential to a well-rounded education, and it is our mission to fulfill this need for the children of our communities.

A special Mahalo to Myrna Kamae, Executive Director of the Hawaiian Legacy Foundation, and to Robin Kamakahi for their kind permission to use the music of Eddie and Dennis, and for the Hawaiian Legacy Foundation's preservation of the cultural heritage of Hawaiʻi through music, film and video.